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The Occupants Hosted Palesrinian Family’s House

The occupying Israeli forces destroyed the warehouse and a house belonging to the Palestinian family in occupied Jerusalem on the grounds that it was "unlicensed". Accompanied by the construction machinery in Jerusalem´s Silvan neighborhood, the occupying forces of Israel and the Palestinians trying to prevent destruction was experienced. Due to its proximity to the Masjid al-Aqsa, the Israeli forces, which had attacked those who opposed the destruction in the neighborhood, then cordoned off the area and demolished it with Izzeddin Barkan´s Palestinian house and warehouse with construction equipment. Watching the demolition with helpless eyes, Barkan said that the Israeli forces did not even allow them to remove their materials from the houses and warehouses that he claimed were "unlicensed". "They aim to build a park on the ruins of the Palestinians´ homes, so they will live their lives, and we will die," Barkan said. used expressions. - Neighborhood aimed at Jewish associations The Silvan District is one of the most important goals of the Jewish associations working for Judaizing the city. These associations, which aim to el buy dile houses belonging to the Palestinians in Silvan, are underpinned by Israel. The houses of the Palestinians in the neighborhood near the Masjid al-Aqsa are sometimes demolished on the grounds that there is no "building permit" by the occupying Israel. It is stated that Israel has produced various excuses to remove the Palestinians living in Silvan and to settle Jewish settlers in the neighborhood. AA

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