Masjed al-haram, masjid an-nabawi and al-aqsa are the three sacred masjids which rasulullah (saw) adivsed us to visit and perform salah in them. beyond any doubt theleast known and visited masjit, but the most needing help is masjid al-aqsa
at present time masjid al-aqsa is under occupation vanished breaved.....
Burak society set off on this journey in the name of becoming a custodian og masjid al-aqsa and providing the necessary material and spiritual support to muslims residing in the area.

Burak socitety is two direction:
  1.  acquainting our people with the importance of masjid al-aqsa and developing sensitivity to this matter
  2.  carrying our people or their contributions to masjid al-aqsa in person and becoming a "BURAK" on this way

our vision
  1. raising awareness about kabah muazzama masjid an-nabawi and masjid al-aqsa in young generations.
  2. acquainting our pople with the importance of masjid al-aqsa
  3. placing masjid al-aqsa love in the hearts of people belonging to our geography as one of the core components of our civilisation

our mission 

  1. encouraging the visit of holy sites , especially ensuring our people to get acquainted with masjid al-aqsa.
  2. in order to achive this purpose, using all our potentail to keep alive and up to date the contacts of muslims whith holy sites taking responsbility for this sacred mission
  3. bringing new devotees to this hallowed march started in 2011 contributing the holy sites to remain standing up to the edge of doom along with their meaning of exisitence

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